#craftyaugust: Highlights from Week 3!


I can’t believe how fast August is speeding by. Please hang around for a bit longer, summer! Wayne and I headed off to Scarborough for a few days last week (think seriously good ice cream, lots of walking on the front and general fun-time antics) but I was so pleased to see that #craftyaugust was still going strong. Here are my highlights from week three!

Day 15: Current Inspiration

Hannah posted this amazing picture of plaited rainbow hair. I love the colours and the braid so much. Lara was one of a few people who gets her inspiration from everywhere (so lovely to be constantly inspired!) while Claire is currently inspired by wooden knitting needles (and I love the jug too).

Day 16: Favourite Make

I LOVED Amber’s mini red tutu for her cute dog while Justine chose this lovely amigurumi teddy as her favourite make as it was the first pattern she wrote. I am also a HUGE fan of Michelle’s bright and beautiful giraffe. I mean, totally gorgeous.

Day 17: Glitter and Sparkles

Hats off to Rachael who made a glittery purple crochet frame especially for Glitter and Sparkles day while I loved Sue’s mega tub full of crystals and Lisa shared her glittery bridal bouquet. I’ve got to say I’m having a real glittery moment right now (watch this space!) so I really enjoyed today, although it seemed like it was a bit of a marmite one – people either loved the sparkle or weren’t so keen!

Day 18: Love

Everyone really shared the love on the 18th! It was awesome. Hearts galore, but my favourite pic (and in fact my favourite pic of the week – main image too), was the LOVE spelling by Polly spotted while walking her dog. So clever! As I’m a soppy so-and-so I’ve included my pic for love day too as it’s a collection of things I crafted for mine and Wayne’s wedding day earlier this year. Ah, lovely memories! (We celebrated six months married on Wednesday! Here’s a link to a post about our wedding if you would like to have a look!)

Day 19: Craft Storage

I am total lusting over Vicky’s turquoise IKEA cart. I mean, just how perfect is this? I wonder if I can put this on my Christmas list…? I also love Tracy’s very pretty (and beautifully organised) shelves and pink baskets. A pastel dream! Also, how cool are Louise’s colour-coded buttons. I’ve got a bit of a thing for buttons right now.

Day 20: Name a Crafter/artist who inspires you

I’ve got to admit that while I’ve loved all of #craftyaugust so far, my favourite days are the ones where everyone helps to share and promote the talents of other people. There were so many supremely talented people nominated on this day, but I went for Kerby Rosanes (chosen by ami_amour) and his amazing illustrations, A Morning Cup of Jo (chosen by Tamara) for her gorgeous crochet inspiration while Simone is inspired by everyone who is taking part in #craftyaugust – aw! – and she shared that by posting a picture of this lovely Sarah Jane fabric.

Day 21: Fabrics

Last but by no means least for week three was fabrics day. And it seems that pretty much everyone has a place in their heart for a pretty patterned piece of fabric or two! I loved every picture to be honest but I can only share a few, so here’s Jacki’s frankly amazing VW Campervan material, Angel Vintage Home’s beautiful muted colour palette and Lowri’s gorgeous bunting.

So what were your highlights from week three? Thanks again to everyone who is taking part and sharing the crafty love this month. I’m absolutely loving the crafty community over on Instagram – long may it continue!

Lots of pretty picture love,


Review: Personalised Rubber Stamp

Personalised rubber stamp

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a stall at a craft fair for a while now, but being a bit shy about it (I mean, THE FEAR of not selling anything) and the cost of some stands (HOW expensive?!?) has made be procrastinate quite a bit.

Also, I’ve never really got anywhere with my packaging and branding which is something I knew I had to get to grips with before I piled in.

Therefore, when I was contacted by a lovely PR called Zoe to ask if I would like to do an honest review* of a personalised stamp I knew it was the push I needed. So I said yes.

So What’s the Story?

I wasn’t sure how detailed the stamp could be, but I was assured by Zoe that as it was laser-cut I could go as detailed as I wanted. The stamp in question is from Speedy Stamps and measures about 8cm in length.

+ Positives +

  • With the personalised option you can choose whatever design you want up to a size of 115mm x 105mm. That’s quite sizeable.
  • The ordering process is easy – you just need a JPG file in black and white/greyscale of your image at 300dpi resolution.
  • The stamp has a really sturdy handle and you can really feel the imprint as you’re using it.
  • The stamp itself is clear and a true representation of the image I sent over. In my case its a picture of the small Beak Up Bird, my logo text and the web URL.
  • A wide black inkpad was included too, which was handy as the stamp is bigger than the smaller inkpads you can buy.
  • On the whole the finish is good and the stamp gives a nice, personal, handmade touch to packaging. This would be great for both envelopes or backing cards.

- Negatives -

  • I found it a bit tricky to get a clean finish with the stamp. Either the corner of the stamp caught and created a black mark or some of the letters were filled with ink which was a bit frustrating… until…
  • I got around the above issue by loading the stamp with ink, stamping a scrap piece of paper and then stamping what I needed. Although the outcome was a bit more faint, there was less ink collection and I think this looks better.
  • The clarity of the stamp can be a bit hit and miss – sometimes you can read the web address but sometimes you can’t. If I were to make the stamp again I would leave this off altogether, as despite being laser-cut, the text is slightly too small to get a reliably clean result.


  • This is a really well-made, personalised stamp and I would definitely recommend this service, although I would advise you to keep your designs relatively simple and avoid small font sizes.


I hope you found this review helpful if you’re thinking of having a rubber stamp made for your craft business or Etsy store. If you have any other questions please feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment.

Lots of stampy love,





* Disclaimer:

If I’m asked to do a review I will always disclose it as that’s only fair and I will always give my honest opinion. I don’t see the point in saying everything is great in order to try and get some free stuff, as that’s not what my blog is all about. Also who would want to read a bunch of glowing reviews if the product isn’t all that anyway? Not me, and I’m pretty sure anyone reading my blog wouldn’t want to either.

Why it’s OK to have more Ideas than Time

In the past I’ve been called faddy and some people have pointed out that I never stick with one craft for too long. I can kind of see their point, as quite often I flit from one thing to another to another. But do you know what? It’s totally fine, and here’s the reasons why.

  • Ideas make ideas. Why cut yourself off from discovering an idea which might revolutionise your Etsy shop or give you so much pleasure to make?
  • It stops you from getting stale. Who wants to do the same thing day after day after day, especially if you are excited by something else?
  • It keeps your creative juices flowing.
  • There are so many amazing tutorials and ideas out there. Why should you restrict yourself to just one thing?
  • Life is all about growth and never standing still. If you keep on going through the motions you’re not living, you’re existing.

  • Who cares anyway if people call you faddy? Trying new things, even if they don’t work out so well, is brave. You’re putting yourself out there.
  • You never know where an idea might take you. Look at the person who created Loom Bands – I bet you they were laughed at when they came up with the idea but now Loom Bands are the hit of the summer.
  • Doing something you hate or which doesn’t give you pleasure any more just for the sake of keeping up appearances is only doing yourself a disservice. If you’re not enjoying something anymore, move on! Try something else!
  • You might discover a craft which you never knew existed but you totally love. Take a chance.
  • You can always go back to things/unfinished projects at a later date. Just because you get sidetracked now doesn’t mean you can’t return to things later.

Do you have loads of ideas in your head and no time to do them? Do you flit from one thing to another or have loads of works in progress? If so stop beating yourself up! Your brain is being super creative and I think that should be applauded!

Lots of crafty love,


#craftyaugust – Highlights from Week 2!


Hello everyone, I’m back with another inspiration-packed post full of all of the pictures being shared in the #craftyaugust photo-a-day monthly challenge over on Instagram.

Huge thanks again to everyone who is taking part. You’re all awesome and I love looking at all of your pictures. I’ve learnt things, been inspired by the things you’ve been making and your stories and loved getting to know you (if you know what I mean!).

So without further ado, let’s pick up where we left off.

Day 8: Favourite craft/art

There were lots of shout outs for lots of different crafts on this day. Josie echoed a lot of people and went for crochet while Kathleen chose cross stitch (how cute is that deer!) and Lauren plumped for weaving (which I’m super keen to have a go at sometime).

Day 9: Best tutorial

I really loved this day as it gave me lots of new websites and crafters to check out for ideas and inspiration. Lucy from Attic24 got a lot of love (no surprises as her crochet tutorials are all kinds of ace and I love them too), with Sally one of those who loves her quick way of joining granny squares. Ami_amour loved Brigette Read’s Mollie Flowers tutorial while Simone was one of several people who uses Pinterest to find tutorials. One thing I am defo going to try out are these paper gems by minieco, shared by Rebecca while I love the lion and tiger pom poms shared by I Am Acrylic (above and main pic).

Day 10: What you’re most proud of

Nicki is most proud of her jungle cake and I see why (how cute is the monkey!) while Nicola’s is her first quilt pattern which she’s hoping to get stocked in shops (good luck, not that you will need it!). Winklepoppet went down the same route as me and chose a wedding day pic as she’s proud of everyone in the photo – I love this photo. Looks like a really fun day and THAT DRESS!!

Day 11: Favourite crafty Instagram person

So many people to pick from, including lots of people doing this challenge! My pick is the lovely Rachel aka OH NO Rachio! whose Instagram pics are fab, as are her hand-painted plates and notebooks. Claire picked The People Shop’s Allison Sadler, who is another of my favourites as her feed is always a riot of colour, while Sian chose Daisy Bee Necklines for her pretty floral brooches and Jade chose The Fox in the Attic for her embroidered cushions and soft toys. What a super-talented bunch!

Day 12: What’s on your desk?

I’m a total sucker for those “what’s in your handbag” pieces so this day was a crafty version of that. I am in LOVE with flamingpot’s fox cushion – how cool is that! – while Elin’s desk was covered with bright yarn, Coke and a pot of nail varnish (heaven), Rachael was chomping down on an apple while making pretty flowers and Lisa’s desk just made me want to go rummaging through all of her bits and pieces.

Day 13: Pastels

Pastels day was very much a love or hate thing. Some people loved them but a lot of people weren’t feeling the pastel love. This day was responsible for my fave pic of the week though, these pretty pastel buttons by Holly, while I loved cuddles_and_crochet’s star garland.

Day 14: Favourite supplier



One supplier was mentioned time and again on day 14 and that was The Homemakery. It was my pick too and I’m not surprised so many people love it as it’s a perfect online craft boutique packed with pretty fabrics, yarn and much more.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of pictures from #craftyaugust. I can’t quite believe that there’s been more than 1,500 posts now on Instagram. Really looking forward to the last two weeks!

Lots of crafty love,


DIY Geometric {and Pretty Pressed Flower} Paper Lanterns

Geometric and pressed flower paper lantern - Beak Up Crafts

These paper lanterns look really effective but are so quick and easy to put together. I think they would look great at a wedding, at an outdoor party or late summer BBQ (if the sun holds). There’s two types covered in this post but the way to make them is the same, whether you prefer modern geometrics or pretty pressed flowers.


Here’s how to make them.

What you will need:

Coloured paper
Pressed flowers (stick them in between some kitchen roll and put the in between some heavy books for a couple of weeks)
Waxed paper (three sheets)
Washi tape
A craft knife and cutting mat/scisscors
A pencil
A ruler
An iron and ironing board
An LED tealight or candle in a glass votive (never a naked flame!)


  1. Take the three sheets of waxed paper and fold them in half, waxy side together.
  2. Draw your paper design. It can be as simple or complicated as you like. You could even layer different colours of tissue paper instead or just leave a solid piece at the bottom for a modern block colour effect. I drew my design with pencil then cut it out using my craft knife.
  3. Lay out a piece of waxed paper and arrange the paper pieces on one half, taking care to leave some waxed paper space at the edge.
  4. Carefully fold over the top piece of waxed paper.
  5. Using the iron on a medium setting, quickly and lightly iron over each panel to seal them together. Set them aside to cool.
  6. Once you’ve made all three panels, it’s time to put them together. Enter washi tape. Measure your washi tape to length and lay a strip on the table sticky side up.
  7. Place the first panel edge on the washi tape to the halfway point. Then take your next panel on the other half. For added strength, put another strip of washi tape on the inside.
  8. Repeat these steps with the third panel.
  9. Finally, stick the final edge together to assemble the lantern. This is a bit trickier as you will have to pick it up but if you stick the last bit of washi tape on the first edge while the lantern is still lying flat, this should do the trick. Also put the edge flat on the table and run your finger up the inside to flatten it down.
  10. That’s it, you’re done! Put your pretty lantern around your LED tealight or a candle that’s in a glass votive (but never a naked flame as we don’t want a fire on our hands!)

After making the first lantern my creative juices were well and truly flowing so I also made one using pressed flowers which would look lovely at a rustic wedding or summer party.

When I was younger I had a mini flower press and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Sadly I have no idea where it went but it didn’t stop me from foraging around for fallen flowers in the park. I’m pretty confident I looked massively odd, but hey, it was for a good purpose so nevermind!

I made this lantern in exactly the same way as above, just switching the paper for flowers after pressing them in between some kitchen roll and heavy books for a couple of weeks and I decided to go for four panels instead of three.

So what do you think? Nice and easy eh? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will give it a try.

Lots of flowery love,


Four Ways to Funky Iced Tea – and 10% off teapigs!

lemon and ginger iced tea

Two weeks of eating out three times a day and not getting much sleep has left my body feeling sluggish. Don’t get me wrong, covering the Commonwealth Games for work was all kinds of ace but 14-hour working days, not getting a lot of natural sunlight due to dark venues and eating all of the food has left my insides feeling, well, a bit yucky.

I’ve been known to do a fad diet in my time in order to lose a bit of the wobble (Paleo/Caveman/Atkins anyone?) while I’ve also dabbled with Slimming World and Clean and Lean. The latter of the two gave me really good results but it was mega expensive, not to mention the hunger. Wow, I have never eaten so little or felt so hungry before.

This time, however, I’m going to try and take a slightly more relaxed approach and eat healthily without going to extremes, although getting my arse to the gym (which I despise) is going to be a feature. I used to love the gym but it’s so easy to slip out of the habit, especially when you’re more inclined to put on an episode of The Mindy Project and whip up a few granny squares. However, I know I need to exercise so I’m going to make a concerted effort.

tea closeup

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that tea is a big part of my life. Hell, I even made a bunch of tea-themed cards (still available to buy!) because I love it so much. However, I remembered from my Clean and Lean days that too much caffeine releases the stress hormone Cortisol which can cause weight gain. Boo hiss.

Therefore, I’m turning to caffeine free tea to give me that hit. The only problem is that hot tea in the summer months (well, when there’s not an ex-hurricane causing all sorts of carnage) can be a bit zapping, so… *drumroll please*

Introducing my four cool Iced teas to get your caffeine-free cool on:

Cool Chamomile Honey Pot:


This is a lovely cooling iced tea but if you’re going to go chamomile I think it’s worth getting a tea where you can really TASTE it and get the most out of the soothing chamomile flowers. That’s why I love teapigs tea, as they use the full flower and not just dried bits of dust.


  • Steep a teapigs Chamomile flowers tea temple in hot water, just enough to fully immerse it, for three minutes.
  • When the time is up, take it out of the glass, fill to the top with ice and cold water.
  • Add a swirl of honey and a slice of lemon.
  • That’s it, you’re done! Now kick your shoes off and relax.


This is what the teas look like when they’re steeping!

Fresh Peppermint Pep-up


A really refreshing drink due to the mint, and super-quick to do. If you’re used to sugary mojitos then dial down the sweetness with this little number and I bet you’ll be more refreshed.


  • Steep a teapigs Peppermint Leaves tea temple in hot water, just enough to fully immerse it, for three minutes.
  • When the time is up, take it out of the glass, fill to the top with ice and cold water.
  • Pack full of mint, chopped and a pretty sprig for decoration

This is a lovely drink if you have a poorly stomach or are feeling a bit under the weather.


Gingerly Lemon Zinger

One of my favourites and sure to perk you up if you’re feeling a bit grey, this is really good to have with a summer salad (while trying not to feel sad about the lack of burgers on your plate).


  • As before, step a lemon and ginger tea temple in boiling water for three minutes then fill the glass with ice and cold water
  • Add a slice of lemon, a spring of mint and a dash of elderflower cordial or a big squeeze of lemon
  • Forget about burgers

Minty Liquorice Detoxifier

licquorice and mint tea

I’ve got to admit, this little concoction is my favourite of the lot. Liquorice (not the sticky black stuff but the root) and peppermint are a surprisingly tasty combo, perfect for helping to detox you. I teamed this powerhouse with cubes of pineapple and a slice of lemon and lime. It’s ace, and you get a fruity snack at the end – bonus.


  • As before, step a liquorice and peppermint tea temple in boiling water for three minutes then fill the glass with ice and cold water
  • Chop up some pineapple and whack it in. For extra cool points you could freeze this in advance for a fruity ice cube!
  • Throw in a slice of lemon and lime and enjoy a super-refreshing sup.

So what do you think? Do you fancy whipping up a glass of iced tea? It’s really easy to do and so much better for you than fizzy drinks.

If you’re interested in trying out any of the teas that I used, the lovely people at teapigs will give you 10% off your order* if you enter the code beak at the checkout. Yep, that’s beak!

Beaks up, bottoms up, teas up!





* valid until the end of August. Excludes matcha kits, cheeky deals and pick & mix

A New Venture – Wedding Bouquet Illustration

Bespoke wedding bouquet art - Kate Gardiner Designs

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a few posts about a new business idea that I’ve been mulling over for the past few days. It’s something that I’ve had in mind for a while but it wasn’t until I posted a picture of an illustration I had done of my wedding bouquet that I decided I should finally do something about it.

The picture was my daily post for #craftyaugust on Florals day, an Instagram challenge in which hundreds of crafters, artists and makers are posting a picture a day for the month of August. I was a bit nervous about sharing it because it was something quite personal, but the reception was so fab and it really gave me the confidence to try and make something happen.

So without further ado, here’s Kate Gardiner Designs, where you can commission a unique illustration of your wedding bouquet. There is also the option to have a custom made picture which is not as expensive as the bespoke option, where you can choose from a range of pretty pre-designed pictures and have them colour-matched to your wedding colours, or simply buy them as a gift for yourself or someone special.




Bespoke1I would really appreciate it if you could check out my website and let me know what you think.

I hope you like my floral illustrations and if you are planning your wedding then CONGRATULATIONS! And congratulations too if you’re recently married! I hope you had a super amazing day.

Lots of wedding love,


#craftyaugust: Highlights from Week 1!


I’ve been so blown away by the number of super-talented and creative people taking part in #craftyaugust on Instagram. What I thought was going to be just me posting a photo a day on my own has turned into hundreds of people sharing their crafts and inspiration and becoming part of a brilliant online community. It’s been so amazing to watch so many lovely people getting involved and making new friendships and discovering new ideas. Thanks for taking part guys!

I thought it would be a shame just to leave the pictures on Instagram so after each week I’m going to show off some of my favourites. I hope you enjoy being featured and thanks so much again for taking part!

Day 1: Say hello!

I loved all of the creative ways people chose to say hello. From Amy (main image) who embroidered her introduction to Strange Case Collective’s paper cut, Laura‘s postcard and twine and Lowri’s fabric bundle, it was a super crafty start and I was very excited for the rest of the month.

Day 2: Favourite material

Day two was filled with so many gorgeous and bright pictures, from beautyinthemirror’s wool stash to Sally’s beads, Bridget’s tweed to Polly’s pretty yarn and Claire’s rainbow of knitting needles. So many different materials were also listed, from paper to lace and felt to acrylic. Go and check out the hashtag for more!

Day 3: Workspace

I got serious workspace inspiration and envy on day three! As someone who works from the dining room table, seeing a range of beautiful working areas made me swoon. I absolutely adore Leona’s bright turquoise chair and watermelon bunting while Nikki’s tidy desk and paper pineapple made me smile and Rebecca’s crafty corner is like a tiny piece of perfection. Lots more people work on their sofas or kitchen worktops too and it was really interesting to see where everyone makes their beautiful creations.

Day 4: Best thing you’ve made

I loved this day. Everyone really took the opportunity to showcase their best work, which can sometimes feel a bit awkward due to shyness or just not wanting to blow your own trumpet. All posts showed real skill and were all stunning but I had to choose some favourites so I went for Angel’s Vintage Jack cushion, Elin’s beautiful pile of gorgeous crochet blankets, Claire’s mega Totoro, Samantha’s handmade wedding dress (so beautiful!) and Tracy’s doll.

Day 5: Couldn’t live without

I cheated on this day and picked a few things as I simply couldn’t choose between my husband, a cup of tea, Vaseline for my lips and my crochet hook and yarn. Tea and crochet equipment seemed to be a positive choice for a lot of people, as did other halves and children, with Sally going for her Clover Amour hooks and Betsy choosing a massive mug of tea. Nicola was one of several people who valued her trusty unpicker while my favourite entry for this day was Suzie’s air and beans combo. This made me laugh!

Day 6: Work in progress

It seems that everyone has at least one project on the go. I thought Winklepoppet’s button card was so pretty while I would LOVE to make some flowery knickers like Vicky and Loli’s floral embroidery made me want to have a try at this myself.

Day 7: Florals

Flowers are one of my absolute favourite things in the whole world, even more so after I totally fell in love with the beautiful blooms and succulent combo of my wedding bouquet earlier this year. I’ve snuck in one of my own #craftyaugust pics here as I’m so pleased with how my illustration of my wedding bouquet turned out. I also loved Rebecca’s floral notebook, _hollifer’s fabric and I Am Acrylic’s flowery necklaces.

How to make the most of of #craftyaugust:

  • Make friends! Comment and like other people’s photos. If you love something, tell them! It’s always so lovely to receive a comment on a picture.
  • Make sure your Instagram account isn’t private. I won’t be able to see your photos by searching for the hashtag and lots of other people won’t be able to either if your account isn’t public.
  • Tell the story behind the picture. Why do you love a particular craft or what does that piece of material mean to you? It’s so special to find out the stories that make us all individual and share why we love to make.

Also, it’s never too late to start or join in even if you have missed a few days. You can either start from the day one and catch up or begin at that point – no pressure at all!

Thanks again for taking part everyone. You’re the best!

Lots of crafty love,


15 Ways to make your #happymail Super Happy


Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I arrived back from my trip to Glasgow to find my first piece of #happymail sitting on the doormat. If you’ve never heard of #happymail it’s basically a lovely letter that you write to someone just so they get something nice in the post. Kind of a new twist on the idea of a pen pal but for the modern age, where emails, FaceTime and Whats App rule the world. It’s brilliant to receive an actual handwritten letter that’s beautifully packaged which someone has spent real time and effort to write and send. Beats another miserable Council Tax letter if you ask me!

I was introduced to #happymail by Claire, who sent me my first letter. She’s a star happy mail writer and is in her own post circle, a group of ladies who write to each other with no pressure on an occasional basis.

Happy Mail

Claire included a lovely letter, some mail tag scribbles/ideas to write about, a postcard and a Little Miracles inspirational quote. I’m in the process of gathering things to send back to her and am giving it some real thought.

Here’s 15 ideas to make your #happymail super happy:

  • Use bright and unusual stationery. There is a lovely selection at Paperchase.
  • Washi tape livens up the most boring of envelopes
  • Play around with stamps for the name and address
  • Use bright-coloured pens
  • Draw small motifs on the letter or envelope
  • Include a postcard
  • Go sticker crazy and stick them all over the envelope
  • Get out the glitter!
  • Write a ‘getting to know you’ quiz
  • Collect some small bits of paper ephemera and pop them in the envelope
  • Draw a picture of somewhere you have been
  • Wrap up the things inside with a colourful twine to make opening the letter even more of an experience
  • Ask lots of questions!
  • Be super positive and write as if you’re writing to your best friend
  • If you have any vouchers you don’t want maybe pop them inside – your pen pal might love them!
  • Put in an individually wrapped teeny tiny small something, like a tea bag (huge thumbs up from me!) or a mini packet of sweets

Stamping letters

photo 2-55 photo 3-49

Do you write #happymail letters? I’ve got to admit that since I’ve found out about it I’m going to make an effort with every letter/parcel I send, whether it’s to a friend or to send someone a competition prize from the blog. It’s so nice to know that the person receiving it will have a smile on their face when they open it up. What’s not to love about that?

Lots of happy snail mail love,





Recipe: Wayne’s Crustless Quiche


I’ll be honest with you, I’m not that good in the kitchen. That department firmly belongs to Wayne, unless you want some scrambled or poached eggs in which case I’m your girl.

I suppose it’s a pretty good job then that Wayne loves cooking and I thought it would be nice to have an occasional feature where he shares his recipes.

This quiche is really tasty, easy to make, packed full of protein and veg, is low fat and also ticks the clean eating and gluten free boxes as it has no pastry base. The veg/meat ingredients can be chopped and changed and you can leave out the bacon if you’re a vegetarian.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and hand over to Wayne for some recipe chat.


Serves 6-8

  • Bunch of spring onions
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Nine eggs
  • 750ml of milk
  • 250g grated cheddar
  • Paprika
  • Bacon lardons
  • Fry Light/magaraine


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (fan oven) or 200 for conventional ovens.
  2. Wash the spring onions and slice them finely.
  3. Wash the cherry tomatoes and cut them in half.
  4. Beat together the milk and eggs.
  5. Add the grated cheddar to the mix and keep stirring.
  6. You can add a bit of spice if you like. I added some paprika for a bit of a kick.
  7. Add the vegetables to mix, keeping mixing as you go.
  8. Add any other extras. I added some bacon lardons but you can leave these out of you like. Stir the mixture some more.
  9. Grease your oven proof dish/spray with margarine/butter or Fry Light if you’re being healthy.
  10. Pour the mixture into the dish and stir it well to spread out the ingredients. It looks a bit disgusting at this point but don’t worry!
  11. Put the dish into the preheated oven for an hour. The top should wobble a bit to the touch but only slightly and it should be firm.
  12. Leave it to cool before cutting, slicing, and more importantly – eating! The best thing about this quiche is that some of the cheese settles to the bottom, forming a lovely cheesy crust.



This quiche goes really well with a crisp green salad – nice, simple and summery!

We hope you like this recipe and if you try it out please let us know what you think in the comments!

Lots of recipe love,



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