My Favourite Baby Buys


Raa T-Shirt: Marks and Spencer

Aside from the brilliant and comforting feeling of our baby Riverdancing in my belly while I try to drop off to sleep (pretty much every night!), the thing I’ve been enjoying the most about his upcoming arrival is all of the cute bits and pieces we’ve been picking up for him.

I have been really excited seeing his nursery coming together but it’s the cute outfits that really get me giddy. Soon our baby will be wearing these things and everything is SO CUTE in miniature.

Therefore I wanted to share some of my favourite clothes that we’ve bought/been bought for baby. Some of the clothes are in bigger than newborn sizes as we snapped them up in the sale for next summer but I’m sticking with the line that it’s saving us money down the line. Plus we couldn’t resist!

We’ve bought a lot of white vests and sleep suits for the early days but here’s some of my favourite fun outfits:


Lion all-in-one: Tesco


Stripey romper: ASDA


Hippo and stars: Tesco


Trainers: Nike Outlet

Tesco-Whale-trousers---Beak-Up-CraftsSeaside leggings: Tesco


Penguin romper: H&M; Stars vest: Tesco


Mr Men tops: ALDI (via eBay)


Jungle animals sleep suit: ASDA

We’ve got about two-and-a-half months until baby’s official due date and from now until then we just need to get a few practical things. It’s all starting to feel very real!

If you’ve got any top tips of things you found invaluable when you had a baby I would love to hear about them please, so feel free to drop me a line in the comments as I’m sure there will be some things we’ve missed or not thought about!

Lots of baby love,


Life Lately

Scarborough sea front - Beak Up Crafts

Things have been pretty busy lately so I thought I would share a bit of an update about what’s been going on and what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks.

At the start of the month Wayne and I went to a wedding at Grays Court in York, which despite the heavy storms the night before, took place in blistering hot sunshine. My shade-hopping tactics paid off, though, and I somehow managed not to get burnt! The garden at the venue was lovely. We went to a wedding of two friends there last year too which you can read about here (and check out just how lovely the garden is!). Here’s a picture of me, Wayne and bump from the day.

Wayne and I at the wedding - Beak Up Crafts

We also finished off building our nursery furniture and all we need to do is put a couple of shelves up and add in a few decorative bits and pieces. I’m hoping to share a post on our finished nursery soon so watch this space.

Wayne and I also had a trip to Scarborough for the first of the summer’s cricket festivals in the seaside town. We watched the opening two days of Yorkshire’s County Championship match against Worcestershire and generally relaxed and filled our faces. It was really nice to get away for a couple of days.

Scarborough - Beak Up Crafts Scarborough Cricket ground - Beak Up Crafts Feet on a bench - Beak Up Crafts The harbour in Scarborough - Beak Up Crafts

In good news, Wayne got a well-deserved promotion at work and treated himself to a new car. Well, I say himself but I’m sure I’ll be driving it a bit when baby comes! I also sold my house in Leeds which is a real weight off my mind and not only allows us to consolidate and do some home improvements but it will make things much easier when I’m on maternity leave. It’s been a bit stressful but all worth it now!

Oh and if you missed it I finished my new baby blanket too. You can read more about that, get the pattern and the colour chart here.


All in all it’s been a bit of a busy month! I hope you’ve had a good one too. Here’s to a hopefully sunny and productive August!

Lots of summer love,



{Crochet} Fantasy Blanket + Colour Chart


For today’s post I wanted to share a reveal of my latest crochet project, the Fantasy baby blanket. There’s also a bit of a sneaky peek into our new nursery (which is still a work in progress!).

I’ve got to say I really enjoyed making this blanket. In fact I didn’t want to put it down and got so annoyed on the days when I was trying to sneak in a quick row before work!

cot-with-toys-and-crochet-blanket---Beak-Up-Crafts Bear-and-crochet-baby-blanket---Beak-Up-Crafts

I think it was the combination of the different stitch types and array of colours which made making this blanket so moreish for me. No boredom here. Also, in a baby blanket size it takes no time to whip up. All of these are big ticks in my book!

In Ana Contreras’ original pattern she suggests an order for the stitches and has two colour schemes, one more pink-based and the other called sand and sea.

fantasy blanket original coloursAbove photo copyright: Ana Contreras

While I liked them both I wanted to add my own twist to the blanket so came up with my own colour combination and order. I chose Stylecraft Special DK wool for this project for a few reasons: firstly it’s great to work with, wears well, is cheap and is hard wearing enough for a baby blanket without being too chunky.



  • You can get Ana Contreras’ Fantasy Blanket pattern for free from Ravelry here if you fancy making one yourself.
  • Here’s the colour chart and order I used for my blanket if you would like to replicate the order I did.

I chose to make the blanket as per Ana’s pattern and started with a foundation double crochet of 104 stitches.

Folded-fantasy-blanket-on-end-of-cotbed---Beak-Up-Crafts Crochet-fantasy-blanket---Beak-Up-Crafts Blanket-on-cotbed-close-up---Beak-Up-Crafts Fantasy-blanket-close-up---Beak-Up-Crafts

As I say, I can’t rate this pattern and blanket enough. It looks complicated to make if you’re a beginner, but there are clear written and chart instructions which breaks it all down and makes it easy. I would totally recommend it if you’re looking for a new blanket to make either for yourself or as a gift.

Also, if you do decide to make one I would love to see your photos, so please tag me in @beakupcrafts on Twitter and Instagram!

Lots of fantasy blanket love,



{DIY} Marbled Envelopes with Claireabellemakes

Marbled-Envelopes- Beak Up Crafts

I’ve got a bit of a treat for you today as the lovely Claire from Claireabellemakes is guest blogging for me with this fab DIY.

I shared how to make a Faux Taxidermy Crochet Fox head over on Claire’s blog a while back (a bit niche maybe!) and now she’s returning the favour with a step-by-step guide of how to make these pretty marbled envelopes – perfect if you’re a stationery addict like me.

Marbled-Envelopes- Beak Up Crafts

Anyway, enough from me and over to Claire. I hope you enjoy this post and as always I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Hello everyone! I’m really excited to be here today on Kate’s blog to share a stationery DIY with you. I write the craft blog Claireabellemakes where I share simple DIYs and lots of stationery and bicycle related things.

I really wanted to share an envelope DIY with you today which indulges in the marbling trend that happens to be everywhere at the moment!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Marbled paper (I got mine from my local art shop)
  • Black paper
  • Envelope template (mine is from HEMA but see below for an alternative)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Double sided tape

Step 1

Marbled-Envelopes  Marbled-Envelopes- Beak Up Crafts

Using the envelope template (or an unfolded envelope you no longer need), trace around the edge with a pencil onto the marbled paper. You can create your own marbled paper using this technique if you wanted to get even more creative.

Marbled-Envelopes-Beak Up Crafts

Using scissors or a craft knife, cut out the envelope shape and fold the flaps. I like to use a bone folder for this, but you could use the edge of a scissor blade.

Step 2

Marbled-Envelopes- Beak Up Crafts

Now you’re going to make an envelope liner. Using the black or contrasting paper, cut out a shape as shown below to stick inside the envelope. You will only need to make one flap for the liner, with the diagonal edges cut around 1cm smaller than the flap. This is so you can apply tape later on, for the envelope to seal.

Step 3

Marbled-Envelopes- Beak Up Crafts

Using double sided sticky tape, fix the envelope liner to the inside of the envelope. Now add a thin strip of double sided tape along the flaps to close your envelope into it’s final shape. I also like to add some double sided tape on the top flap for when the envelope is going to be sealed. Just leave the final layer of tape on until you want to use it!

I’ve added a cute wax seal sticker from Tiger and have practiced my calligraphy on the envelopes, but you can decorate them however you wish! I think these classic marbled envelopes would look great with a hot pink or glitter liner. I must make some more.


Thanks for having me here on Beak Up Crafts today Kate! It’s been great to share my love of stationery. I wont tell you how many envelopes I’ve got for fear you’ll all think I’m a massive hoarder……

Blog | Shop | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Thanks so much for sharing this DIY Claire, I love it! Is making your own stationery something you’ve ever tried? I’d love to see the results if you have a try at this DIY.

Lots of marbled love,


Styling the Seasons ~ July

So far July has been a month of organisation and getting things ready and I’ve decided to reflect that in my Styling the Seasons post.

It’s now three months (give or take a few days) until our baby’s due date and Wayne and I have moved into planning and getting ready mode. I’ve always been one for making sure I get things done ahead of time and leaving things until closer (or even, *sharp intake of breath*, to chance) has always brought me out in a cold sweat.

Wayne is much more spontaneous by nature but I’m really glad that he’s indulged my crazy and we have both got stuck into getting the nursery ready for our little one’s arrival. Getting everything sorted helps me to become calm if that doesn’t sound too weird? Yeah, I admit I am a control freak but I’ve always felt that knowledge is power and organisation makes everything that bit easier. I’m really making myself sound like a total laugh right now aren’t I?


Anyway, we’ve now bought most of the things we need for when our baby boy decides to put in an appearance and his nursery is close to being finished. I’m really pleased that we’ve done it together and we’ve been able to get most of it done before I hit the third trimester and get massive and possibly very cranky like a T-Rex that goes around hormonally smashing things.*

*I have no idea if this is what happens, but I’m having a guess what it must be like to be heavily pregnant.

So why the notepad, pens and stamps for this month’s post? Well, a couple of reasons really. After a panicked day where I hadn’t really felt baby’s movements I’ve decided to keep notes on when I feel him kicking or moving so I don’t forget and I can see if something is a bit off.

Stamps-and-Sharpies---Beak-Up-Crafts Roses-and-stationery---Beak-Up-Crafts

There’s also a few other things to do, things to buy and lists to make – like what to pack in my hospital bag. I’m also hoping to jot down maybe how I’m feeling about things in the latter stages. As someone who is addicted to pretty stationery I wanted to do this in a fun way, hence the stamps and coloured pens! That’s why this month’s Styling the Seasons post has taken this slant, as this is what’s on my desk at the moment!


Any excuse to buy another pretty notebook, eh?!

What have you been up to this month and what does July mean to you?

Lots of planning love,


{Free Wallpaper} Summer on My Mind

Summer-on-my-mind---cropped  - Beak Up Crafts

I’m still obsessed with the brush lettering trend so for this month’s free wallpaper download I’ve decided to try my hand at it, with a summer slant.

I’m by no means a whizz at hand lettering or Photoshop, but I really wanted to know how to create some beautiful text with a watercolour look. So of course I googled how to do it and had a play around!

I hope you like my first effort. If you do, you can download it as free wallpaper for your phone here.

I’m off to think of more things that I can give the watercolour brush lettering treatment to. Might even have a bit of a blog refresh (if I can find the time!

Lots of watercolour love,



{Giveaway} JewelleryMaker Gemstone Bracelet Kit


Jewellery making is never something I’ve ever really tried, save for the odd necklace here and there.

Therefore when I was asked if I would like to test drive and review one of Jewellery Maker‘s bracelet kits I said yes, plus I managed to snag an extra one to giveaway to one lucky reader too!

More on the giveaway soon, but first to my review and guide to making your own bracelet.


How Easy is it to Make?

Pretty Easy

  • I chose the Silver Plated Mixed Gemstone Bracelet Kit and my first impression was that the box was small but it was packed full of pieces!
  • You do need a pair of round nose pliers though to make this bracelet, which are not included.
  • All of the gemstones already have wire threaded through them which I thought was good, as I bet that’s a fiddly task.


How to Make it

  • Instructions are included but they really are simple.
  • Basically, you open a jump ring with your pliers, slide on a gemstone, attach the jump ring to the bracelet then close the jump ring.
  • Repeat for as many gemstones as you want.
    Gemtones-in-my-hand---Beak-Up-Crafts JewelleryMaker-gemstones---Beak-Up-Crafts

So what did I think?

I think this kit is great if you’re a beginner (but don’t forget to buy pliers if you’re giving it as a gift to someone). If you’re more advanced or have done jewellery making before I would say it’s probably a bit basic. Once you’ve added a couple of gemstones there’s nothing else to know, although make sure you close your jump rings tightly as any slight gap will see the gemstone fall off as the wire holding them is so fine.


My only quibble would be that the bracelet/bangle itself is a slightly unusual design. I would have preferred a single bracelet with a fastening, but that’s just my personal style.

All in all I enjoyed making my gemstone bracelet that I might save a couple of the gemstones and make a matching necklace!



If you would like to win your own Silver Plated Mixed Gemstone Bracelet Kit then just fill in the Rafflecopter widget below. The giveaway closes on July 23 at midnight and I will use Rafflecopter to pick an entry at random. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you tried making jewellery from a kit before or is it something you would like to have a go at? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of gemstone love,





Disclaimer: I was gifted the jewellery kits for the purposes of this post, but all opinions are my own. Giveaway only open to UK entrants.

{Five Minutes With} Jade McGarvie ~ TweedFiend

blackandwhitebowtie- tweed  fiend - Beak Up Crafts

Hello and welcome to the FINAL EVER {Five Minutes With} feature (at least for now!)

I’ve decided to give this series of interviews a break over the summer as even though they have been really popular, I felt it was time for a change and to try and do something a bit different. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all of the small creative businesses that I’ve featured and if you want to have a look at the archives you can do that here.

For the final interview I would like to introduce you to Jade McGarvie who runs TweedFiend. Jade is based in Newcastle in the north east of England and makes clothing and accessories out of wool and tweed. I own one of her tweed bow brooches and I love it. It’s traditional but contemporary all at the same time. You can see what I mean by looking at the gorgeous black and white bow tie at the top of this post.

Jade is in the middle of some exciting changes to her business so I caught up with her to find out all about them and discover exactly how she got started on her tweedy journey.

Jade McGarvie - Beak Up Crafts

Hello! First things first, how did you come up with the idea for your business and can you tell us what it’s all about please?

I have always loved fabrics. I’m a very tactile person, and natural materials have such an amazing feel. I ordered a bundle of tweed remnants to use for crafting and as soon as I held them I fell in love. I started by adding tweed trim to my knitted items, like the man scarf. One day my brother asked me to make him a tweed bow tie and it just took off from there. TweedFiend is all about a modern take on country style and letting the beautiful fabric take centre stage. It’s time to bring back the dapper gent!

How long did it take for you to design/create your product range?

I’m constantly designing new products, but it takes me a while to go from an idea to something that I’m proud to have in my shop. I like to give the customer options so that every order feels tailored to them.

I’ve been working hard over the past six months developing an exclusive range of home furnishings for the interior design company Dalton Design. I’m so excited for the launch next month. The Tweeds we’ve chosen for the range are stunning country classics. Look out for sneak peeks under the hashtag #tweedfiendDD on Instagram and be sure to like both our Facebook pages  – here and here – so you don’t miss the first look at the finished products.

tweed on  a chair - Beak Up Crafts

How do you manage your time with the business? Do you work on it full or part-time and what are your plans for this for the future?

I had a baby in August and that has been a learning curve in time management. I make use of naptimes and my evenings are usually tweed-filled. Although its always on my mind, currently TweedFiend is part time and I still have my regular 9-5. I would love for the business do well enough that I can stay at home with Robin and call this my main job.

baby tweed - Beak Up Crafts

What is it you love most about the materials you work with?

Wool takes on colour so beautifully. The colours are so vibrant, yet earthy. I also love the rich heritage of tweed, and that the mills I work with still weave using traditional techniques.

Tweed might not be the easiest fabric to work with, its not well behaved like cotton, but the texture and character are so worth it.

originaltweedbowtie - Beak Up Crafts

What has surprised you the most about running your own creative business?

As I made the jump to turn a craft into a business, I found the amount of work required aside from actually designing and making was a bit of a shock. I’m still trying to get a better balance when it comes to managing my business and all of the non creative jobs.

There are positives though, like the community I’ve found through Etsy and social media, particularly Instagram. There is such a wealth of support and positivity out there. I never could have anticipated the feeling of pride that I’m part of a group of such motivated and inspiring people. This started out as a hobby and now I’m confident in calling myself a small business owner.

man scarf - tweed fiend - Beak Up Crafts

If you were to launch your business again tomorrow, what (if anything) would you do differently? Is there one piece of advice you would give to yourself back then that you wish you had known?

Despite having a background in fashion, I definitely underestimated the need to prepare products well in advance. For example, we will start designing the winter range for Dalton Design in August so that its ready to launch before Christmas. I love doing weddings, its so special to have had a part in someone’s big day. I wish I had realised that the run up to wedding season really starts as soon as the new year does, it takes a lot of forethought and organisation.

Finally, do you have any offers or discount codes that you would like to share with my readers please?

There’s 10% off in my Etsy shop specially for your lovely readers using the code BEAKUP.

Jade’s Quickfire Questions:

Matte or High Shine – Matte

Summer or Winter – Winter

Ice tea or Ice lolly – Ice lolly

Jam or Marmalade – Marmalade (with bits!)

Steak or Chips – Steak

Beach or City Break – Beach

Sun or Moon – Moon

Flowers or Foliage – Foliage

Netflix or DVD – Netflix

Instagram or Pinterest – aaaargh! I can’t choose!

I love Jade’s tweed creations and I hope you do too. I can’t wait to see her new range of home furnishings either.

For all of the links to her social media pages and shop, please have a look below.

I hope you enjoyed this interview and the {Five Minutes With} feature. It may return later in the year (or maybe not, depending on what ideas I have!) but for now it’s time to say goodbye.

MEANWHILE… If you’re a small creative/handmade business owner and would like to collaborate with me in some way then please drop me a line at and we can talk ideas.

Lots of tweedy love,





TweedFiend’s links:

How to Design your own Baby Clothes


Wayne and I are now full steam ahead in getting things ready for our little one’s arrival. Apart from a a few cross words while building some IKEA flat pack furniture (this must be the cause of so many rows across the world!) we’re doing well on getting together everything we need. Baby’s nursery is coming on well too and I’m looking forward to sharing more on that soon.

Say the words ‘craft’ and ‘baby’ to me at the moment and it’s guaranteed that my ears will prick up. I guess it was only a matter of time before I tried getting some of my squiggles and drawings on some baby clothes, but to be honest I didn’t have a clue where to start and how to do it in a baby-safe way. No nasty dyes that might irritate the little one allowed (not that I really know what they are).


Therefore, when I was contacted by Zazzle to see if I would like to check out their range of baby gifts and I spotted there was an option to customise (or effectively design your own) baby gros, I jumped at the chance.

I thought it would be good to share how I did this in case you’re a mum to be with a creative streak or are keen to have some clothes for your little one that are totally unique. I think these would also make great new baby gifts, although if you’ve been hit by artistic block or don’t fancy your chances drawing something then there are plenty of ready made designs which you can easily add baby’s name to as well for that personalised touch. Here’s a basketball-themed babygro we also ordered at the same time:


How I Did It

1. Create your design

There might well be better ways to do this (and I’m no professional graphic designer so I’m not sure!) but I found a really easy way to create a design then upload it to make cute baby clothes was by drawing it in Adobe Ideas/Adobe Illustrator Draw.


I love both of these as drawing apps, firstly because they are free and secondly because they are so easy to use. I’ve got a version on my iPad and iPhone (although it’s much easier on my iPad purely because there’s more screen space to go at).

You can either draw a picture using your finger or if you want more control you can use a stylus.

I doodled this dog with my finger on my phone. I’m not quite sure why I decided to make him blue and turquoise but there you go!

Top Tips:

  • Keep your design simple
  • Use one or two main colours to make it bold and striking
  • If you’re not that confident at drawing, you can always use a pre-configured design or just play around by making a few shapes then adding a name/text in the next step

2. Upload your design

Find the baby gro/t-shirt you want to upload your design to on the Zazzle website. I chose this short sleeved one in a six months size.

Using the options on the right you can easily upload your design, move it around and make it bigger or smaller using drag and drop functionality. Adobe Ideas saves things in PDF format, and this uploaded perfectly when I tried it, so a thumbs up for me as no messing around with different file types.

creating the baby shirt - Beak Up Crafts



You can also change the colour of the clothing itself, add a background colour or some text. This last one is great if you want to personalise it with a name, but as we’re keeping the name we’ve picked under wraps til baby is born, I skipped this step.

3. Check and confirm

Give your design and placement the once over and once you’re happy, press the add to basket option. That’s it! Your design will now be made up and shipped to you.

So What Did I Think?

I did my doodle, uploaded it to the site and placed my order on a Sunday afternoon. There’s free delivery (which I thought was a real bonus) and I received the babygro a week and a half later along with a pre-done design. A blanket I ordered got lost in the post which was a bit frustrating (and it means I didn’t receive it in time to include it in this post) but a new one was sent out to me with no quibbles, which was great.



  • Simple step-by-step process to upload your design
  • Free delivery
  • As you can see from the finished customised baby gro, the design came out in the right proportions and how I had drawn it which was good. I wondered if there would be room for error but it turned out not to be the case.
  • The quality and size of the babygro seems to be good, but obviously I won’t be able to test drive this for a good few months yet until baby arrives.


  • I was a bit disappointed about the colours on the babygro when compared with my original drawing as they aren’t quite as vibrant.
  • The babygro isn’t quite as soft as other ones I have bought, but I haven’t washed it yet as this could make all the difference.
  • At £14.95 per customised babygro, it’s quite expensive compared with high street prices for ready made designs, but for a one-off or a new baby gift that you can make your own I think that it’s OK.

I hope you enjoyed this post and review. Have you ever had a go at making or designing your own baby or children’s clothes? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of babygro love,





Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Zazzle. I received a gift voucher to purchase the items featured in this post but all opinions are my own.

A Slice of Luxury in the Yorkshire Dales ~ Yorebridge House

Yorebridge House - Beak Up Crafts Yorebridge House - Beak Up Crafts

Earlier this month Wayne and I headed to the lush, rolling countryside of the Yorkshire Dales for a short break. The trip away was my main gift for Wayne’s 30th birthday (which was in April) but we kept it on hold for June as we had quite a few things going on earlier in the year and it gave us something to look forward to. Plus we gambled on the weather being that bit nicer in June and happily lucked out on our break falling at the start of a mini heatwave. Pass the suncream!

Anyway, I took Wayne to Yorebridge House which is a small luxury boutique hotel on the River Ure on the edge of the unspoilt village of Bainbridge. It’s a bit pricey but if you’re looking for amazing food (we’re talking a seven-course meal which was the best of my life), well-appointed rooms and places to relax, then it’s for you.

We stayed in the Rangali or ‘Maldives’ room. There are just 12 rooms and each one is individual in its style and decor. I picked this one for two reasons – it reminded me of the place we stayed at on our honeymoon and there was a private HOT TUB.

Here’s some photos of our room before we unpacked and messed it up with our stuff.

Rangali Room - Beak Up Crafts Rangali Room - Beak Up Crafts Rangali Room - Beak Up Crafts Rangali Room - Beak Up Crafts Rangali Room - Beak Up Crafts

Oh and the hot tub? Here it is:

Rangali room hot tub - Beak Up Crafts

The hot tub was a big hit, although I could only really stay in for a few minutes at a time/just dip my feet in with having a baby on board. It was so nice to be able to relax outside in our own private area in the sunshine.

The communal lounge and bar areas of the hotel are decorated in a relaxed, contemporary style. Think soft muted greys and browns with splashes of light green.

Hallway at Yorebridge - Beak Up Crafts Lounge at Yorebridge house  - Beak Up Crafts Lounge at Yorebridge house  - Beak Up Crafts Lounge at Yorebridge house  - Beak Up Crafts

We played a bit of mega dominos before our evening meal then moved to a room overlooking the grounds for a drink before we ate.

View from the lounge - Yorebridge House Flowers - Yorebridge House - Beak Up Crafts

I booked the dinner, bed and breakfast package and I’m really glad I did was the food was outstanding. I thought it was going to be a three course meal after looking at the menu, but oh no, how wrong I was. We’re talking seven, yes SEVEN courses. I’ll let the photos do the talking as they can paint a picture better than my words ever would be able to.

  1. Canapes: Black pudding in crackling crumbs, goats cheese wrapped in parma ham and a smoked salmon stack
  2. Amuse-bouche: Creamy onion thing (the name of which I’ve forgotten) served with sunblush tomato bread and an individual mini loaf.
  3. Starter: Salmon Ballotine with heritage beetroot, watercress and horseradish
    Salmon - Beak Up Crafts
  4. Main: Belly Pork with apple, rainbow chard and pied de bleus
    Belly Pork - Beak Up Crafts
  5. Pre-dessert: Lemon Posset with shortbread.
    Lemon posset - Beak Up Crafts
  6. Dessert: Apricot Parfait with roasted apricots and almonds
    Apricot parfait - Beak Up Crafts
  7. Coffee and treats: A handmade mini ‘feast’ ice lolly with popping candy, a salted caramel cup and a passion fruit pastille.
    Treats with coffee - Beak Up Crafts

Talk about stuffed!

Saying that, the food didn’t stop there. The next morning we were still able to pile into breakfast. I really enjoyed this too, and the restaurant is nice, bright and airy.

Breakfast - Yorebridge House Breakfast - Yorebridge House Breakfast - Yorebridge House Breakfast - Yorebridge House

Things to do in the area:

It might look like all we did was eat, hot tub and sleep (which isn’t too far off to be honest) but we did have time to check out a couple of sights in the local area.

Before we checked in we headed to the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes. If you love cheese, this is the place for you, as there are tens of samples to try and lots of cheese to buy.

Cheese at Wensleydale Creamery Cheese at Wensleydale Creamery Cheese at Wensleydale Creamery

On the way home we headed to Aysgarth Falls, made famous by this scene from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
Aysgarth Falls - Beak Up Crafts

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed seeing my photos from our trip to the Yorkshire Dales and stay at Yorebridge House. I’m hoping that Wayne and I will go back one day in a few years, maybe for my next big birthday milestone!

Have you been to the Dales before and if so where are your top places to visit?

Lots of Yorkshire love,